Thursday, January 24, 2013

He told me none of it was true.

Sometimes it is like our hearts wrestle with these truths we find inside of our heads. It is as if our head is screaming that it is right and yet our heart dances with those things, unsure if it can be trusted, unsure if it quite safe enough. I have a list of things I believe without a doubt in my head and I have a list of things I believe without a doubt in my heart, but those two lists are not the same. 

And the reason they're not the same are because of lies

Sometimes our circumstances get up on their pedestals and get us to believe things that aren't true.  And sometimes voices from people we love, from the culture we find ourselves in, from the media that fills our atmospheres - they declare words of expectation and destiny that aren't ours to fulfill. And sometimes darkness squirms its little way in and claims something and all this time we have been going along with it, maybe because we don't know and maybe because we are scared. 

But it is like Jesus just comes and shatters it and says, NONE of this is true. NONE of it. I feel like sometimes I can just hear Him and His heart is tender and full of more love than we can even understand. And from the very pit of His stomach, He is crying out, "NONE of this is true!" 

It is like we have been serving something that does not even exist. We have been running to the demands of a master that has no name. We have been satisfying the hunger of a giant that has no power. We have been wasting away our energy and time and love on something that doesn't even matter. 

He just says it again, "NONE of this is true." 

Can you feel something rise in the bottom of your heart as you read those words? Like a fight and a fire has been kindled, that you won't serve those lies anymore? I can. I can feel it. 

Listen, we can overcome every lie because Jesus overcame the grave. 

You can overcome the lie that you are not beautiful, the Father made you perfectly. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not loved, He gave you a family. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not smart, He gave you His mind. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not worthy, He has taken your worth and given you His.
You can overcome the lie that we are not enough, He picked you. 

You are His dream wrapped in skin. You are His reward. You are His pride and joy. 

Everything around you will dictate another story to tell you about love and belonging and hope, but you gotta say no. Just like Jesus says it over you, you have to say it over you, "NONE of this is true." 

None of it. 

Encounter the truth until it encounters you back. Don't settle. I know it feels easy, but don't settle. Before you is a horizon of promises fulfilled, step out and run. These truths will encounter you back in His heart if you let them. 

Ask Him to show you how beautiful you are, how loved you are, how surrounded you are. He will. And that encounter will blow any lie OUT OF THE WATER. 

That's the goodness of Him who first loved us. He is not a puzzle or a question mark. He is more relational than anything you've ever been told. 

So ask, play, dance, create, laugh, talk with Him. His heart always available. Even now it is, even now He calls for you to join Him in the field to run and to dance, to just be. 

This is part of the Overcome the Lie campaign at #overcomethelie running Jan 28 to Feb 3. For more information check out this blog post: Overcome the Lie Campaign or the FB event. You can also RSVP for the Twitter party here


  1. This is a beautiful message that I totally needed today. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I've been thinking about my future a lot lately, and I know that if I just trust in the Lord it will be OK.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. God is so powerful.


  4. My goodness Ashley, I am already in LOVE with your blog. This is such a beautiful post!! I'll be sharing this one for sure!!!

  5. Oh...that is just incredible. Your writing is straight from His heart. Thank you.

  6. Beautifully written with encouraging truths.


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