Sunday, January 20, 2013

His love holds nothing back.

Welcome to my new blog design - take a look around and let me know what you think! I am really excited you're here. 

I was praying this morning about what to share on the blog and again and again, I just feel like the Lord is loving us. It is what He does. It is His very nature. Everything about the way He does things and how He talks and what He says and how He moves screams, "I love you." It covers every inch of Him. He cannot help but love us. And His love does not hold back. 

It does not get weak or weary. It does not give up or grow tired. It does not get scared, startled or disturbed. It won't manipulate you. His love does not hold back. Nothing is strong enough to stand against His love. 

And hell will try and convince you that there are other things that are stronger. Hell will try and argue with you that, that thing you did or looked at or said has stopped His love. Hell will try and persuade you that His love won't satisfy your heart, that other things will make your heart feel better.  But it crashes and it burns and only His love remains. 

And even right now, wherever you are as you're reading these words, His love is not holding back. If for a moment, we could just push back the curtains of what we can see with our eyes, you'd see your Father with outstretched arms inviting you into His heart. You'd feel His presence swallowing up all of the darkness, His touch quieting your every anxious thought, His voice calling out for your own. But you know what is so different about Him than any other? 

He is fully here with you in this moment. Fully present. Every bit of His heart with you right now. Not distracted, not thinking about other things, not held up in fear or confusion. All of Him, every glorious and powerful part of His heart fully engaged with your heart. 

I find that the more we know that, the safer we feel to let our hearts come out and fully engage. Not just spit off rhetoric or obligation, but allowing the vulnerability of our own hearts come out and fully be with His. 

And that's where we are satisfied by Him. 

The reason so many of us are not satisfied with Him even if we want to be is because our hearts are not engaging with His own. He calls for us and He'll never stop. That's just who He is. 

Your Papa loves you, beloved. He loves you like crazy. 

Can't you feel it? He is safe.



  1. Congrats! Welcome to blogspot! :D Love your new layout!!

  2. What a beautiful letter of affirmation and love! Thank you, Ashleigh. It's easy to forget how deep and wide and mind-blowing our Father's love for us is. THIS . . His love does not hold back. How wonderful!

  3. The new design looks great! So lovely!

  4. Yeah, Ashley! This is great: the design and the message:) Way to go, dreamer!

  5. A beautiful entry! I just stumbled on your blog and I am so happy that I have!! I will be returning to see what else you have in store. :)

  6. I loved this post! I really needed this reminder!! Thank you!
    And new follower here!! :D


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