Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overcome the Lie {Day 4}

It is day four of Overcome the Lie!  I did not make a video for today, so I thought I would just share a bit of my heart with you in writing.  

We had the Twitter party last night for Overcome the Lie and I was totally undone. In awe. Speechless. When it finished, I literally just sat there sobbing with joy and gratitude. Not because it was successful, but because Jesus came. Because truth was declared. Because you could feel something rising up in a generation of women. Lies were being slain right before our eyes quickly and with great authority. 

And this is why I did it. Because I caught something in the Father's heart for His daughters. Something in His heart for you. 

That you don't have to listen to those lies anymore. That because Jesus overcame death and the grave, you can be free and you can rise above to be everything that Jesus has called you to be. 

We still have two more days in the campaign, so keep linking up and declaring the truth. Let's make it a lifestyle and a culture. You are beautiful, loved, and free. 

It is like I have always known in my head that our words have power, but it has not been until this week that I have been learning the reality of that. As we have been declaring and encouraging one another with the truth, I can feel my mind and heart being changed. 

My heart is being changed. Do you know how powerful that is? 

I believe the Lord is raising up a movement and He is raising up a culture with Overcome the Lie and we are only at the beginning. 

If you want to stay in the loop, contact me with your e-mail. I am so excited for what is to come and I love all of you so dearly! 

This is our time to rise. 


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