Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overcome the Lie {Day 4}

It is day four of Overcome the Lie!  I did not make a video for today, so I thought I would just share a bit of my heart with you in writing.  

We had the Twitter party last night for Overcome the Lie and I was totally undone. In awe. Speechless. When it finished, I literally just sat there sobbing with joy and gratitude. Not because it was successful, but because Jesus came. Because truth was declared. Because you could feel something rising up in a generation of women. Lies were being slain right before our eyes quickly and with great authority. 

And this is why I did it. Because I caught something in the Father's heart for His daughters. Something in His heart for you. 

That you don't have to listen to those lies anymore. That because Jesus overcame death and the grave, you can be free and you can rise above to be everything that Jesus has called you to be. 

We still have two more days in the campaign, so keep linking up and declaring the truth. Let's make it a lifestyle and a culture. You are beautiful, loved, and free. 

It is like I have always known in my head that our words have power, but it has not been until this week that I have been learning the reality of that. As we have been declaring and encouraging one another with the truth, I can feel my mind and heart being changed. 

My heart is being changed. Do you know how powerful that is? 

I believe the Lord is raising up a movement and He is raising up a culture with Overcome the Lie and we are only at the beginning. 

If you want to stay in the loop, contact me with your e-mail. I am so excited for what is to come and I love all of you so dearly! 

This is our time to rise. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Overcome the Lie {Day 3}

Day 3 of Overcome the Lie already?! It is going so quick! You all are continuing to blow me away, bless me and amaze me. The truth that is pouring out of you guys is POWERFUL. Keep on going for it. 

Just a reminder that if you have not RSVP'd to the Twitter Party tomorrow at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST, to do so today. You can do that right here. And keep on linking up those amazing blog posts, here. 

Here is the daily encouragement video - I hope these are blessing you! Today, we are going after the lie that your past determines your future. Because, yep, you guessed it. That's a lie. 

I love you guys, I am cheering you on! There is no one like our Jesus. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

Overcome the Lie Day 2.

It is Day 2 of Overcome the Lie. 

To say I am blown away by what God has done just on day one is an understatement. I totally believe that we have come into the beginning of something so rich. Keep joining with us in sharing your heart and story and speaking the truth. We are declaring to a generation that they do not have to be held victim to the lies any longer,  but can be free. That is some good news! 

Watch social media and RSVP to the Twitter party to be entered into some giveaways. We are giving away a couple books, gift cards, etc :) Gonna be good. To RSVP for the Twitter party, click here

Also, don't forget to keep linking up your blog posts if you have them, here.

Here is the daily encouragement y'all. If this speaks to you, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment. 

We are going somewhere, chains are breaking and our hearts our healing. Let's do this. 


Sunday, January 27, 2013

We are LIVE.

We are live! Overcome the Lie has launched! It was months ago that Jesus put this vision in my heart and I am so very excited that it is here. I believe that this week is going to be life changing for you and for me. We are going to encounter Him! We are going to receive the truth. We are going to stumble upon community and it is going to be good.  So get excited! 

If you want to know what Overcome the Lie is, check it here. If you want to RSVP for the Twitter party, check it here. The week is going to be full of social media, videos, a Twitter party, surprise giveaways, opportunity to be encouraged and prayed for. So stay tuned! Be sure to follow the Twitter feed at #overcomethelie and contribute your voice! We need your voice as much as anyone else's. 

I am going to be sharing these videos each day where we demolish the lies that face us a generation and declare the truth. So here we go. 

Link up your posts here this week on the campaign, the stories of the lies you have overcome, the ones you are facing and post it below. We want to celebrate your stories and join with you in your overcoming. On your blog, just simply tag The Story Project or use the below graphic or both!

Love you all. If you need anything, just shoot me an e-mail at My heart is with you and we are in this together. You are so, so loved.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

He told me none of it was true.

Sometimes it is like our hearts wrestle with these truths we find inside of our heads. It is as if our head is screaming that it is right and yet our heart dances with those things, unsure if it can be trusted, unsure if it quite safe enough. I have a list of things I believe without a doubt in my head and I have a list of things I believe without a doubt in my heart, but those two lists are not the same. 

And the reason they're not the same are because of lies

Sometimes our circumstances get up on their pedestals and get us to believe things that aren't true.  And sometimes voices from people we love, from the culture we find ourselves in, from the media that fills our atmospheres - they declare words of expectation and destiny that aren't ours to fulfill. And sometimes darkness squirms its little way in and claims something and all this time we have been going along with it, maybe because we don't know and maybe because we are scared. 

But it is like Jesus just comes and shatters it and says, NONE of this is true. NONE of it. I feel like sometimes I can just hear Him and His heart is tender and full of more love than we can even understand. And from the very pit of His stomach, He is crying out, "NONE of this is true!" 

It is like we have been serving something that does not even exist. We have been running to the demands of a master that has no name. We have been satisfying the hunger of a giant that has no power. We have been wasting away our energy and time and love on something that doesn't even matter. 

He just says it again, "NONE of this is true." 

Can you feel something rise in the bottom of your heart as you read those words? Like a fight and a fire has been kindled, that you won't serve those lies anymore? I can. I can feel it. 

Listen, we can overcome every lie because Jesus overcame the grave. 

You can overcome the lie that you are not beautiful, the Father made you perfectly. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not loved, He gave you a family. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not smart, He gave you His mind. 
You can overcome the lie that we are not worthy, He has taken your worth and given you His.
You can overcome the lie that we are not enough, He picked you. 

You are His dream wrapped in skin. You are His reward. You are His pride and joy. 

Everything around you will dictate another story to tell you about love and belonging and hope, but you gotta say no. Just like Jesus says it over you, you have to say it over you, "NONE of this is true." 

None of it. 

Encounter the truth until it encounters you back. Don't settle. I know it feels easy, but don't settle. Before you is a horizon of promises fulfilled, step out and run. These truths will encounter you back in His heart if you let them. 

Ask Him to show you how beautiful you are, how loved you are, how surrounded you are. He will. And that encounter will blow any lie OUT OF THE WATER. 

That's the goodness of Him who first loved us. He is not a puzzle or a question mark. He is more relational than anything you've ever been told. 

So ask, play, dance, create, laugh, talk with Him. His heart always available. Even now it is, even now He calls for you to join Him in the field to run and to dance, to just be. 

This is part of the Overcome the Lie campaign at #overcomethelie running Jan 28 to Feb 3. For more information check out this blog post: Overcome the Lie Campaign or the FB event. You can also RSVP for the Twitter party here

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#OvercometheLie Twitter Party

Hey all!! 

It has been so amazing to see your feedback received regarding the Overcome the Lie social media campaign running January 28th to February 3rd. We are continuing to believe that Jesus is going to encounter our hearts and He is going to break off some of the lies we have believed. We are not held victim to the lies that we aren't beautiful or unloveable or never enough. We are more than conquerors and we get to rise above and believe the truth. 

You are beautiful. You are bold. You are brilliant. You are free.

On January 30th at 8:00 pm EST, we are hosting a Twitter party under the hashtag #overcomethelie. It will be a time of discussion and encouragement and I would be so honoured if you came and hung out with us for an hour! 

To RSVP, leave your Twitter name in the comments of this blog post and follow myself @ashleybeaudin on Twitter. 

Just simply follow the conversation through #overcomethelie. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!! 

I am excited for this! For more information on what the Overcome the Lie campaign is - just check out the earlier blog post Overcome the Lie campaign  or visit the Facebook event page

Feel free to help us spread the word. Much love and much grace. Can't wait to see what God does. :) 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Overcome the Lie Campaign.

Hey friends! I am so excited to introduce the Overcome the Lie campaign to you that we are hosting here on The Story Project along with Lionhart ( It is running from January 28th to February 3rd. It is going to be amazing as we break free from the lies and believe the truth. We are beautiful, loved and free.

I decided to explain and share my heart for the campaign through a video blog. So you can know what it is about, how it works and why in the world I am doing it. This is the first time I have ever done a video blog, so be forgiving. ;) 
I pray Jesus touches your heart to rise and overcome, even today. 
I would love for you to get involved! Watch the blog for throughout the week and if you have any questions or comments or just wanna share your heart, reach out to me via e-mail, twitter or Facebook. 

Much love, 


Correction: is the website. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

His love holds nothing back.

Welcome to my new blog design - take a look around and let me know what you think! I am really excited you're here. 

I was praying this morning about what to share on the blog and again and again, I just feel like the Lord is loving us. It is what He does. It is His very nature. Everything about the way He does things and how He talks and what He says and how He moves screams, "I love you." It covers every inch of Him. He cannot help but love us. And His love does not hold back. 

It does not get weak or weary. It does not give up or grow tired. It does not get scared, startled or disturbed. It won't manipulate you. His love does not hold back. Nothing is strong enough to stand against His love. 

And hell will try and convince you that there are other things that are stronger. Hell will try and argue with you that, that thing you did or looked at or said has stopped His love. Hell will try and persuade you that His love won't satisfy your heart, that other things will make your heart feel better.  But it crashes and it burns and only His love remains. 

And even right now, wherever you are as you're reading these words, His love is not holding back. If for a moment, we could just push back the curtains of what we can see with our eyes, you'd see your Father with outstretched arms inviting you into His heart. You'd feel His presence swallowing up all of the darkness, His touch quieting your every anxious thought, His voice calling out for your own. But you know what is so different about Him than any other? 

He is fully here with you in this moment. Fully present. Every bit of His heart with you right now. Not distracted, not thinking about other things, not held up in fear or confusion. All of Him, every glorious and powerful part of His heart fully engaged with your heart. 

I find that the more we know that, the safer we feel to let our hearts come out and fully engage. Not just spit off rhetoric or obligation, but allowing the vulnerability of our own hearts come out and fully be with His. 

And that's where we are satisfied by Him. 

The reason so many of us are not satisfied with Him even if we want to be is because our hearts are not engaging with His own. He calls for us and He'll never stop. That's just who He is. 

Your Papa loves you, beloved. He loves you like crazy. 

Can't you feel it? He is safe.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exciting announcements and you!

This is going to be a bit of a different entry, more conversational! Hurrah! Yes, I just said Hurrah. ;) 

I am a part of something called the God-sized Dream Team led by amazing author Holley Gerth (go now on Amazon and buy her books - they are so good). It is a privilege to be a part of something so beautiful. Holley released a book this month called "The 'Do What You Can' Plan" too which is super sweet. I know, I've read it.

We are all about 2013 being the year where we go after our God-sized Dreams. We all got em. You got em' too. Make 2013 the year where you go after it with His purpose and passion and with your intentionality. Hold back nothing. 

And if your dreams are just human sized, not God sized. Make them bigger. Ask Him how. He will tell you. God is a straight-up dreamer. Just look around you; in the curve of every way, in the eyes of every child, in the roar of every wind.

So this week, we are sharing on our blogs one step we are taking to get closer to our God-sized dream.

Well things are about to change on The Story Project for all of you who read often (which I am oh-so thankful for) and so I have two announcements. 

announcement 1. 

In the next week or so, I am going to launch the new blog design. I am changing things up! I am going to specifically be looking to speak to women in their 20's and 30's - hey, just like me. And we are going to focus in on the topics of identity, passion and justice. So we know who we are, what we were made for and how we can change the world.

announcement 2.

At the end of the month, The Story Project along with Lionhart will be hosting a social media campaign called "Overcome the Lie." This campaign will work in two parts:

a) If you're struggling with a lie, we are going to give you opportunity to receive encouragement by mailing you a reminder of the truth that you are loved, you are beautiful, you are enough.

b) If you have overcome lies, we are going to celebrate your stories through blogging your stories, doing things such as a synchroblog and flooding social media with our songs of victory. :)

I need your help! This won't happen if people don't join up. :) If you want to be involved by sharing your story, promoting, being involved in the synchroblog, or pray - please shoot me an e-mail at

I sincerely believe we can see people healed by the truth of His word and the power of the Holy Spirit. We can overcome the lie because Jesus overcame the grave!

Peace, grace and truth to you today sister. You are His amazing prize.




Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hey you. You have treasure.

There is treasure.

There is treasure all around you, there is treasure inside of you, there is treasure in every situation that you are facing right now.  

Sometimes, we gotta take our eyes off of the things around us and we gotta land them on the eyes of Jesus and stay there.

In the Kingdom, it is time that instead of becoming garbage pickers, we would become treasure hunters. 


Sometimes it is like we stand at the thresholds of our past and we pick out the trash, holding it before our eyes, plucking more questions, pulling more tears and more wrestle from its fabric. It is as if we have turned the stuff we have been through into these monuments of pain. They become these dark wells, that we re-visit again and again to remember our past and as we stand before them, they ask us questions,

"Do you remember how much it hurt?" "You know how much that destroyed you?" "Do you even know who you are?" "They don't love you."  

Come on, I know you've heard that voice. I know you've stood at those moments. Suddenly those questions aren't questions you're answering but they are assumptions that you are receiving.


It is like sometimes we turn our pain into these museums that we just walk through. We never stop walking through. Free admission. Day and night. Free admission. It is like we have framed our heartache. We have bottled our tears. We have boxed those questions into art. And we somehow find comfort in the midst of this because it feels so familiar, so comfortable; like we could just slide into it and know that darkness will tuck us in and put us to sleep.

And it is like I see Jesus come in and He is shattering our monuments. Walking through and overturning every table, taking down every canvas, grabbing every bottle of tears.

In His eyes, all you see is compassion. In His steps, all you feel is love like He would literally do anything for you.  And in His voice, all you catch is that His heart is in His throat. His heart is in His throat. 

His heart in His throat because His beloved one has taken their past to be the authority when it never was supposed to be, it was supposed to be His. 


Everything about your past screams, "You are broken!" Everything about His past screams, "You are healed!" 

Everything about your past sings, "Do you even know who you are?!" Everything about His past sings, "You are Mine!" 

Everything about your past speaks fear, bondage, insecurity and confusion. Everything about His past speaks freedom, peace and confidence.

There is treasure. There is treasure all around you, there is treasure within you, there is treasure in the situations you face. 


And if you can't see it, tell Him you wanna see. He is moving.

He never stops. He never stops moving. He never stops speaking. He never stops putting His hand on your heart! He never stops saying, "This one is Mine!"

How He is moving in you, that's treasure. What He is working together for your good, that's treasure. The freedom He is releasing, the confidence He is building, the faith He is increasing, that's treasure. 

And that's the stuff you go back to, that's the stuff you remember, because those are the questions and the assumptions you wanna receive.

"How can there be anyone better than Him?" "Where is He healing me today?" "What is He doing and where is He? I wanna be a part of what He is releasing." 


There is just a jealousy in my heart for this today. For me and for you.

Don't give your past and your pain the space and authority to define you. Don't even entertain it for a breath. I've been there. I've camped out there much too long. Pain reproduces faster than you want to imagine and cycles have a way of returning again and again.

Jesus uses our stories. He uses our wounds. He used His own wounds so that Thomas would believe. But He won't keep our stories here, He is BUILDING a story. Stories were made to release healing and prophecy and faith and if your story is still releasing pain, tears and blood. Maybe you're not there or maybe you've turned your pain into a monument.

And if you have, let it go.

Let it go.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Being an adult is hard: 4 reminders worth remembering.

Being an adult is hard. 

I know when I was eight years old and dreamed about being an adult, this is not what I imagined.

I did not imagine being in a tiny apartment, where the heat doesn't always work and the drains clog faster than the water coming out of the faucet. I did not imagine that I would be struggling to find a job or feel like my body is falling apart. I never imagined heartache and I never imagined difficulty.

I only imagined colour and hope and laughter. I only imagined greatness and dreams achieved and wonder.  I only imagined romance and the stuff that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.


And sometimes the distance in between who I imagined I would be as an adult and who I actually am feels really big. 

It is like sometimes I catch myself still waiting; still waiting for someone to come in and rescue me and take care of me. And yet the thing that is pounding in and out of my heart is that the person who ought to show up and rescue and take care of my life is me.

Not in a striving-and-controlling way but in a responsible and full of integrity and wisdom kinda way.

That I am responsible for me.


And realizing that I don't face life from the position of a victim; that the things that I face are not intended to harm me, scare me, taunt me or destroy me. But the things I face, if I choose not to cower and hide, can refine me, strengthen me, lead me, help me. 

And that the vision I had as an eight year old girl isn't gone and it isn't lost, but that hope and wonder and laughter and colour are all in my life now, they make up my inheritance, and they beckon my future.

But you know what I am realizing the most? That the thing that often scares me is not the pain, difficulty or loss but the thing that scares me more the vulnerability. That if I rise up to take ownership over this life, that requires more vulnerability than I imagined signing up for. 

It hushes everything in me that wants to cower and hide and it beckons me forward to be known and to be seen.


We can't escape this, we can't cower from it and we cannot hide from it. Adulthood is upon us and we have a choice. We have a choice as to what we choose to do with it. I do not think that it is about throwing our wonder and our playfulness out, but it is about putting a stop to the hiding due to a fear of being known. It is about rising up to say, "Here I am. Here is all of me." 

And honestly, I think it comes down to value. We can know that others value us and we can know that God values us. But have we encountered how valuable we are in our hearts? Or are we still waiting for someone else's value of us to carry us through life?  I am telling you if that is what we are waiting for, it won't come. Our value comes from heaven and our value does not fluctuate based on anything, it is steadfast because the King is steadfast.

[caption id="attachment_539" align="aligncenter" width="554"]via via[/caption]

And so here we are. It is a season of vulnerability not just in words, but in showing up. Here is to no more running. No more hiding. 

Today I want to leave you with four reminders that I think we all need to hear no matter if we just turned eighteen or if we are sixty two. 

1. Never lose your wonder. Never lose your hope.

2. Take responsibility for your life. You only have one.

3. Know HOW valuable you are. There is a price on your life that could never be paid. 

4. Let Jesus shape your expectations of your future. Don't let media, movies and television be that voice.  

You are loved. And you are beautiful.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

The place where the hearts gather.

Happy Friday, friends! I feel so very honoured by all of you that come and engage in the conversations we have here and who are reading the words I write every week. It is a treasure and I am so very thankful. 

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my more artistic, creative pieces on the blog. Lean into it with me and let's encounter true and wild love. He is crazy good to us.


I found the place where the hearts gather. As far as my eye could see was an assembly of souls, rocking to the syllables of their own need and pacing in desire. They moved in and out of form quickly, at moments, shuffling violently into divine order until they were a living weapon. And then there were other moments where like the sweet hush of a mother over her startled infant, they would fall into an ease and the only sound were attitudes of holiness, crying "Abba!" I tell you, I found the place where the hearts gather.

I knew Heaven was in the room. I could taste it in my mouth and feel it on my hands; its sweetness and power dripping off my hands.  It was a taste of what I longed to see, adding to the craving in my soul, lurching it to the highest point of desire, “I want Him! I want Him! I want Him!” Consumed by this obsession and this pilgrimage of the heart, I started to run and I would not stop until all of me fell like a heap on top of Him.


Immediately, it was as if the assembly of souls got quiet, intrigued and wary of such zealous desire. One by one, I started to look them in the eyes, “Heaven is here! Have you seen Him? Heaven is here! Have you heard Him? Heaven is here, have you felt His shadow, His robe? Heaven is here! Heaven is here!” Confronted by a sea of blank faces and many smiles, I continued to run.

Running through the assembly, my body was covered in oil, prepared and presented as a living sacrifice, I was made to burn. Pushing in the weight of supernatural might, everything I had been told, everything I had felt was invisible yet it was life growing on the inside. Soon the assembly of souls started to get smaller by each pounding of my foot, thoughts like intense sound roared through my mind – where am I going?

Like raw sugar sitting on my tongue, He was inside of my mouth. Like snow and fire sitting together on my hands, He was on my skin. Like sweet oil, lavender and lilac, in my breath, He was inside of my nose. He had taken up home in me.  A sweet voice that I only knew to be Him emerged out of my insides, run a little bit farther.


I did. I ran until I saw nothing, until I saw no one and I heaped myself onto the ground like I promised Him I would. I said to Him, “Heaven would you encounter me?” As if every reality converged into one, I felt the force of Heaven’s presence come from above and like voltage out of my insides and He stood before me now.

Struck by His glory, only one thing came to my mind, words tumbling out, “I want You....I want You...I want You.”

Then wisely He cried, Child, don’t you know you already have Me? But the question my heart never stops thundering is, how far will you go?

Without a thought, without a move, I responded, “As far as you will let me.”


His giant hand reached for my little palm and sending it into His,  He pulled me to my feet, walking into the atmosphere of eternity that stands forever.

Smiling from ear to ear, He whispered, “You are the person of my holy affection. Stay here with Me and we will chase fears away, be heroes and champions, tell people of this place and we will learn to live together as one. Few hearts have dared to come here, fewer hearts have dared live here, will you stay with Me?”  

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The thief of comparison and two ways to fight it.

As I was sitting down to write tonight, there is so much on my heart. My heart when I write on this blog is that you would sit with me like you were sitting with a friend and that we would find a meeting place here, we would be able to share our hearts and our questions and our fears. And it would be okay, it would be good, it really would. 

And as I write, it is about whether or not our hearts are being impacted and our lives are being changed. I want you to find Jesus here. I want you to hear His voice here. I want you to feel His touch here. When you come and you sit with me here, I want you to feel like your soul can breathe; where you feel a permission to be every single thing He has made you to be.

And I want to hear your voice too. It is not just about mine, it is also about yours. And whether you chat with me in the comments or over e-mail or on social media, please share your heart. We need your voice too just as much as anyone else's.


I want you to know that fear doesn't have any place here and neither does comparison. I felt on my heart today like I needed to touch on that whole comparison thing from the start of this new year.

Comparison comes from insecurity - of not really knowing who you are; how amazing you are, how anointed by Jesus you are, how loved you are. Comparison believes that someone else has it better and that someone else will always have it better. Comparison doesn't think there is enough, there is not enough success or beauty or love for everyone. And the true nature of comparison takes your very worst, stumbling-in-the-dark kind of moments and plays them against someone else's victorious, Jericho-just-fell-down kind of moments.

How is that fair? It is not. Not to you and not to them.


More than ever before, we have an inside look into the lives of people around us and also into the lives of people we do not even know (but maybe feel like we know). Through the beauty of what is all kinds of media, we can see them opening their presents on Christmas morning, we can read about their biggest fear in their blog, we can see who their best friends are. We know what kind of clothes they like, what food they're eating and what their favourite drink from Starbucks is. We can even tell you if they have seen Les Miserables yet and overhear their conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

And sometimes that just feels dangerous. Because there is this little insecurity in your heart that can creep out and poke around your heart and ask some questions. And the thing is they are not really questions, they are more like statements and accusations, asking you about the clothes you wear, the friendships you have, the success in your own life, the shape of your body, the dreams you have. And like a taunting, they leave you believing this lie that, that other person is better than you.


Some people respond to comparison by trying harder, some people respond by trying to make the person on the "other side" seem lower - neither are good and neither are right.

I believe we can use comparison as an opportunity to get with Jesus and say, "Something that You've said about me, my heart isn't believing is true." Somewhere inside of you, you are believing you're not enough or there is not enough or He doesn't have enough. All lies. Sometimes we have to keep going back to that place again and again and again until our heart bleeds the truth.

I believe we can use comparison as an opportunity to be inspired and to give encouragement. Speak life when everything around you wants to speak death. Chances are if you're even beginning to compare, something inside of you has actually been inspired, but your insecurity has perverted that to make it about you. Let people in your life inspire you. Let people you don't know inspire you. Instead of letting comparison steal your joy and confidence, rather let it push you further in creativity, in hope and in intimacy.


Listen, I don't want us to get to the end of  our lives and hear that gentle voice of our Father whispering into our souls, "Oh beloved. How come you weren't YOU?" Comparison kills and jealousy destroys. In a world that has told us to be so many things, make a resolve to be you.

You're amazing. He has given you everything you need. There is no poverty. There is no lack. So shake yourself free of that. 

We need you. We need your voice. We need your heart. We need your hands. We need you. Everything that He has done in you, we need it. Everything that you are, we need it. Sometimes we get so used to living out of our pain, that we do not know how to live out of who we really are. Get under the waterfall of His constant affirmation and love.

And be you. 
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